Theta Brainwaves

What are Theta Brainwaves?

Theta brainwaves are slow, deep brainwave activity that is actually a conscious state, but the brainwave activity is too slow to support conscious thought.  Many people who drop into theta while meditating or doing self hypnosis think they have fallen asleep, because of the lack of thought activity.  It feels very much like sleep, and is indeed on the way down to sleep, but in theta you will follow commands.  For example, if you are in hypnosis in theta and the hypnotherapist tells you to take a deep breath, you will do so.  Of if asked to open your eyes on the count of five, you will–and you will feel like you fell asleep.  A good way to know for yourself, were you asleep, or were you in theta, is whether you respond and come up to an alert consciousness at the end of the recording.  If you do, then you were more likely in theta.

Theta brainwaves are high in amplitude and cycle within the range of 4 – 8 Hz.  Theta brainwaves are generally thought of as the brainwaves that are dominant in people with A.D.D., high levels of relaxation, high levels of creativity, and random thinking. Theta brainwaves are associated with intuition, creativity and deeply stored, emotionally charged memories.  Don’t be alarmed if you begin to remember long-forgotten past events as you reach theta brainwave levels.  This repressed material causes much more problems when it is repressed, and your mind is very good at only allowing you to retrieve and access memories that it knows you are ready and able to process on a conscious basis.

Benefits of increasing theta brainwaves:

  • Deep levels of relaxation
  • Emotional connection
  • Advanced intuition
  • Subconscious connection
  • Peak levels of creativity
  • Advanced problem solving skills
  • Lower anxiety, stress, and neurosis
  • Spiritual connection
  • Paranormal Experiences
  • Boost in learning ability
  • Boosted immune system
  • Improved long-term memory
  • Ability to hyperfocus
  • Healing of body and mind
Bring these benefits into your life with Cumulative Bliss and Schumann’s ResonanceCumulative Bliss is fully in the theta range after the 6 minute entrainment period, and Schumann’s Resonance is at a frequency on the cusp between alpha and theta.

cumulativebliss schumannsresonance

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