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We know that you can find hypnosis recordings elsewhere online, and we truly appreciate your business. We are so proud and pleased that over 50% of our sales come from repeat purchases by our current customers. THANK YOU! Your appreciation of our high quality, effective hypnosis recordings is the best reward for doing this work.

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1. Apply the full purchase price of any single hypnosis recording to a CUSTOMIZED HYPNOSIS CD/MP3.

Cindy will spend time with you on the phone or via Skype and she will write a script expressly for you and you alone. This will be professionally recorded in our studio and mixed with our beautiful brainwave entrainment background music. This is a $150 value. Email to take advantage of this special offer within 30 days after your purchase and receive an additional 10% off as our added gift to you!

2. Apply the full purchase price of any single hypnosis recording to a full, live hypnosis session with Cindy.

This can be done in person, over the phone or on Skype. Imagine the benefits of spending a full 90 minutes with Cindy working on your specific issue. This is a $200 value. Email to take advantage of this special offer within 30 days of your purchase and receive an additional 10% as our added gift to you!

cindyhypfirstThank you again for your purchase.

Cindy Locher, BCH

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When listening, be in a relaxed position with eyes closed. It is helpful to drink a glass of water prior to listening, to be properly hydrated. Do not listen while driving, operating machinery, or any time when you require full, waking consciousness. Persons subject to any form of seizures or epilepsy, using a pacemaker, or suffering from cardiac arhythmias or other heart disorders, SHOULD NOT use any brainwave entrainment device without medical supervision. For more information on the product, please see the FAQ page on the website, or email support at

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