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Perhaps one of the most potent non-invasive, totally chemical free ways to a healthier being is meditation.  Meditation doesn’t require any pills, it doesn’t require expensive trips to the doctor.  You can do it on your own or with the aid of something as simple as a CD – and that’s where Cindy Locher, CHT comes in.  Cindy Locher is a Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist who has developed 6 different CD’s to help people improve their lives through meditation.  The Modern Meditation Series helps get your brainwaves in line to a desired frequency.  It’s fascinating to see where our brainwaves reside, depending on whether we’re awake, asleep, excited, or tired.

I’ve had the privilege of experiencing neurofeedback in the past, and I’ve been able to see my brainwaves on a computer screen before and after meditation; it’s simply amazing to see the difference between someone who’s, say, stressed and someone who is relaxed and refreshed.  By using three of Cindy Locher’s CD’s I’ve seen a remarkable difference in my own day-to-day life.

The three I’ve been trying are:  Schumann’s Resonance, Cumulative Bliss, and my personal favorite, Blissful Sleep.  Schumann’s Resonance is a great CD for relaxing and getting back in tune with nature.  Cumulative Bliss is good for relaxing and calming the mind, and Blissful Sleep is my new nighttime friend.  As a lifelong insomniac, I’ve tried many things through the years to help me sleep.  I cannot, no matter if I tried, make it through this CD without falling into a deep sleep.  My mind whirs and talks all on its own with little prompting from me, replaying the day’s events or something that occurred 20 years ago; but with the Blissful Sleep CD, I find myself drifting away and actually thinking of nothing until I drop off to sleep.  This for me is an incredible blessing.

I’ve enjoyed all three of the series; I’m fascinated with the sounds and musical quality of the CD’s.  They’re pleasant to listen to, and it’s an odd sensation to actually feel your brain sort of wander through the sounds; it’s as if my mind is playing and floating along.  Cumulative Bliss, for instance, actually “wakes” you back up out of a very relaxed state at the same point in the CD every time as if someone gently nudges you awake – but you awake slowly, without any annoying voices saying, “You are now awaking from a deep and restful journey.”  Overall, I’d say the results I’m getting from the Modern Meditation Series are similar to what I experienced during neurofeedback – and that was a very positive experience indeed!”

(In the interest of full disclosure, DKMommySpot was provided with a set of the recordings to listen to (obviously!) and she was allowed to keep them.  I mean, they’re digital, how am I going to ask for them back?  The rest of the testimonials below are unsolicited comments and feedback received from customers who purchased the recordings.)

Our customers tell us:

“The brain entrainment CDs are amazing.  I feel so calm and relaxed.  I have been able to stop using sleeping pills, which I was using every night!”  —  Katie K., Nice, France


“I am really enthused about what I am learning.  I am anxious to learn more and be able to effectively meditate on my own.  My goal right now is to listen to the CDs every evening.  The last three days I have listened twice each day.  I felt really quite good today.  I am starting to feel like this takes the place of my anti-anxiety pill.”  —  Bruce M., Minneapolis, MN


“I began using the meditation CDs three weeks ago.  …  I have found (them) to be soothing, relaxing and a great prelude to sleep.  …  It is everything you have said it is plus more.  I enjoy the calming affect it has and I have noticed that I have more patience during the day with those close to me.  I seem to be more actively giving compliments and other positive changes.  I look forward to other meditation CD’s you come out with.  I highly recommend this CD to everyone.”  — Phil T., Rosemount, MN


It has definitely added to my overall meditation experience – has helped gain a deeper, more meaningful meditation!   Easy to listen to – has helped me focus my attention.  Bonnie G., Spokane, WA


I really appreciate the music – it has helped my meditation process.  I look forward to trying  the other recordings.  Thank you very much for making these available. Jim F., Phoenix, AZ


The music is very enjoyable.  I calm down and the business in my head goes away and I seem to go pretty deep at times.  I also used it while I was doing a one-hour Reiki session and my client said that they liked the music as well and fell asleep after treatment. Kudos to both of the elements in this treatment!  Jill M., Ocala, FL


For me I have used the Holosync system as well and this is right there also. I don’t feel like any of the instruments are over powering or obnoxious if played too long — they’ve put a lot of time into this and it really feels very good to me.  I look forward to my time with these meditations in the mornings.  Russell T., Sacramento, CA

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