Brainwave entrainment for insomnia

blissfulsleepcdcaseWhy Brainwave Entrainment is Good for Sleep and Insomnia

Generally many people experience sleep disorders at least few nights every other week. While such brief stints may be seen as normal and thought to cause no serious problems to health, the fact is, such sleeplessness can also lead to chronic insomnia. The gloom about chronic sleep loss is that it can as well lead to low immune system, obesity or even more serious health problems such as heart conditions, high blood pressure and diabetes. Although there are many sleep disorder prescriptions out there, the most inspiring thing is that now you can achieve blissful sleep using a natural, modern science technology called brainwave entrainment.

What is a Brainwave?

Indeed this is one question many people ask when they hear about brainwave entrainment for the first time. Although it sounds complex, brainwave entrainment simply refers to a principle of physics where two or more rhythmic cycles get synchronized to operate at the same frequencies. As a matter of fact, your brain is made up of billions of cells known as neurons, which communicate with each other by an electrical activity of a cyclical wave-like pattern. This activity is called a brainwave and it keeps changing its patterns depending on your mind state.

How Brainwave Entrainment Works for Sleep and Insomnia 

When you are highly awake, your brain operates in Alpha brainwaves. To be deep asleep, your brain activity needs to change from Alpha to Delta brainwaves. If you suffer from insomnia, it means your brain is unable to naturally turn from the mind chatter. Your brain can however be induced to respond to stimulation of rhythmic sounds by synchronizing its pattern to those pulses. If you have a sleeping disorder or you possibly have a lot in mind and keep waking up late in the night, you can now calm down your brainwaves to sleep related frequencies using audio recording.

Advantages of Brainwave Entrainment 

With numerous research findings showing that sleep disorders may lead to serious health problems such as obesity, high blood pressure and heart diseases, then seeking proper remedy is not an option. What makes brainwave entrainment even a better solution for insomnia is its natural form. You don’t have to depend on pills any more. And better still you are assured of a remedy that uses brain’s own adaptation to lull you to deep sleep every other night – all in a rhythmic audio recording.

Blissful Sleep is such an audio recording intended to entrain or synchronize your brainwaves to sleep-inducing frequencies. By listening the recording, you not only stimulate your brain down to deep-Delta sleep but also help your body to remain in high energy levels throughout the day. This brainwave entrainment recording is embedded with sleep inducing Delta brainwaves to help you calmly fall asleep in the most natural manner. Indeed you might even find yourself falling asleep during light exercises. The most inspiring thing about Blissful Sleep audio recording is that it has no side effects and you may even want to set it to repeat playing over the night.


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