Raise Your Spirits

Raise Your Spirits

Designed to address symptoms of depression.

“For me, this is truly part of the solution. Thank you.”  ~J. B., Raise Your Spirits user

raiseyourspiritscaseThis is the reaction of one user of Raise Your Spirits.  Many people will find that these recordings are excellent additional resources to complement their existing approach to depression, anxiety, etc.

If you are looking for a natural approach to support your mood, look no further.  This recording may be used in conjunction with Meditation I and/or Cumulative Bliss for additional benefits. 

Many depressed people have too much activity in their right frontal cortex and too little in the left frontal.  Therefore, this recording stimulates beta brainwave activity in the left hemisphere while soothing the right hemisphere with alpha frequencies.

raise_your_spirits_discBecause different signals are being sent to each hemisphere, headphones are required with this recording.  Length: 25 minutes.

Our Guarantee:    I’m so convinced these recordings will help you, I guarantee them unconditionally.  Not just for 30 days, or 60 days, or even 365 days.  Contact me any time to return them for full refund of your purchase price.  ~ Cindy Locher, BCH

  Raise Your Spirits MP3, $17.97


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