Present Moment

Live in the Present Moment

Guided Meditation with Alpha and Theta Entrainment; 30 minutes

presentmomentLiving in the Present Moment is a wonderful thing.  Living in the present moment eliminates depression and sadness from focusing on the past, and precludes anxiety and stress that comes from worrying about the future.

Many stress reduction programs advise that you learn to live in the present moment to reduce stress and increase your happiness.

The trouble most people have is how to implement this advice.  How do you stay in the present moment?

Living in the Present Moment Guided Meditation MP3 offers a solution to just that problem, and increases happiness, while reducing feelings of anxiety and depression. Close your eyes, sit back and relax as Cindy Locher guides you through visualizations that teach your brain how to leave your past in your past, how to project positive thoughts into your future, and how to live your life in the Power of Now. This guided meditation is enhanced with music embedded with alpha and theta brainwaves.

Live in the Present Moment Guided Meditation MP3, $17.97

Our Guarantee:    I’m so convinced these recordings will help you, I guarantee them unconditionally.  Not just for 30 days, or 60 days, or even 365 days.  Contact me any time to return them for full refund of your purchase price.  ~ Cindy Locher, BCH

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