Memory Maximizer

Memory Maximizer

Gamma stimulation for memory enhancement and brain function optimization

Remember names, important items, much more accurately and easily!

memorymaximizerGamma brainwaves are frequencies in the range of 40 Hz to 70 Hz, with very small amplitude, or strength. However, Gamma brainwaves are powerful and necessary for higher level functioning, and it has long been understood that they play an important role in memory, intelligence, self-control, an increased perception of reality and feelings of natural happiness.

Gamma brainwaves are key to optimal memory, learning and mental processing.  Learn more about the benefits of gamma brainwave entrainment here.
Our Guarantee:    I’m so convinced these recordings will help you, I guarantee them unconditionally.  Not just for 30 days, or 60 days, or even 365 days.  Contact me any time to return them for full refund of your purchase price.  ~ Cindy Locher, BCH

Memory Maximizer MP3, $17.97

Or buy Memory Maximizer as part of the Mental Boost Library.  Get six titles for just $77.97.  Plus 3 free bonus tracks.

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