IQ Booster

I.Q. Booster

Beta, gamma and SMR, 30 minutes

iqboosterIncrease your I.Q., naturally, by entraining the brain with the frequencies associated with increased intelligence, enhanced mental capacity and optimal processing.  With regular use, I.Q. Booster trains your brain to think more clearly, creatively and efficiently, naturally increasing your intelligence.  Feel sharper, be smarter, and keep your I.Q. gains by making I.Q. Booster a regular part of your modern meditation practice.

Our Guarantee:    I’m so convinced these recordings will help you, I guarantee them unconditionally.  Not just for 30 days, or 60 days, or even 365 days.  Contact me any time to return them for full refund of your purchase price.  ~ Cindy Locher, BCH

I.Q. Booster MP3, $17.97

Or buy I.Q. Booster as part of the Mental Boost Library.  Six titles plus 3 bonuses for just $77.97

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