Increase your IQ with brainwave entrainment

Increase IQThe human brain is indeed the most complex computing machine ever known in the world. There lies great potential, creativity and phenomenon intelligence in our brain.

Unfortunately we don’t get to make full use of it because we regularly get clogged up by stress, fatigue or even lack of focus. I’m sure you’ve felt foggy or lacking focus on any single thing for a while. But you don’t have to feel guilty about it. It happens all the time to many people around the world. As a matter of fact, we all live in a stressful and hasty world, which trains our minds to low focus and lack of concentration.

The good news is that now you can make such clogging a thing of the past by training your creativity through a modern technology known as brainwave entrainment.

Brainwave Entrainment is a special audio technology that uses a principle in physics referred to as synchronization. This technology guides your brain to a specific frequency using rhythmic beats of sound, which literally switches on the remaining 90% of your brain that has been inactive. That sound stimulation guides the brain to creating any type of mental state – from whole brain functioning, deep relaxation or even calm, soothing state. Essentially, your brain responds to stimulus sent to it through any of the five senses, by emitting an electric charge known as cortical evoked response. It’s important to know that human brain naturally responds to rhythm. Therefore the rhythmic frequencies in the brain booster recordings such as I.Q Booster cause the brain to respond with optimal performance.

By stimulating the brain with faster brainwave frequencies such as Sensorimotor Response (SMR), Gama and Beta, the brain naturally responds with increased focus, alertness and stability as well as enhanced memory. This exercise has also been found to help anxiety, depression and ADD among other conditions. Brainwave entrainment enhances the brain to work in an optimally integrated capacity. The areas of the brain that may have been previously cut of from each other receive new neural connections resulting to high brain functionality and a greater sense of calm.

It’s now clear that brainwave entrainment may be all you need to enhance your I.Q. There can never be a better way of waking up the inactive parts of your brain. Following many years of intensive research, testing and study of different mental disciplines I have excelled in helping many people enhance their mental capacity.

All you need is a 30 minute recording with frequencies associated with high mental capacity and increased intelligence. I have made this possible with essential brain boosters such as the I.Q Booster or any of the six recordings of Mental Boost Library that go together with 3 bonuses each. With regular use of these tracks you can be sure of increasing your I.Q and mental efficiency.

Make I.Q Booster part of your regular meditation regime and be assured of entraining your brain to levels only possessed by natural born geniuses.

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