Creativity Boost

Creativity Booster

With Beta, Alpha, Theta and SMR brainwaves, 30 minutes

creativityboostTap into the unlimited creative potential of your subconscious mind with Creativity Booster from Moderm Meditation Series.  This 30 minute session is perfect to train your brain to produce a brainwave profile proven to enhance a creative and problem-solving state of mind.  Remember those flashes of creative insight you get when you’re first waking in the morning?  Recreate that ability any time you desire with Creativity Booster!  Perfect for any time you want to come up with new solutions and ideas.  Regular use will train your brain to be more creative and innovative, all the time.


Our Guarantee:    I’m so convinced these recordings will help you, I guarantee them unconditionally.  Not just for 30 days, or 60 days, or even 365 days.  Contact me any time to return them for full refund of your purchase price.  ~ Cindy Locher, BCH

Creativity Booster MP3, $17.97

Or purchase Creativity Booster as part of the Mental Boost Library.  Six recordings plus 3 bonuses for just $77.97.

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