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The Complete Health Library

Having a hard time choosing?  Buy a brainwave entrainment meditation music library and save money.  That’s ALL good!  Purchase the Complete Health Library (that’s 9 titles-over $160 in value, including three Bonus Titles) for $77.97.

All six of the Modern Meditation Series™ recordings are included in this download PLUS three BONUS TITLES:  Lucid Dreaming, Audio Caffeine and Migraine Relief with Ocean Sounds.  You’ll receive Schumann’s Resonance, Blissful Sleep, Cumulative Bliss, Meditation I, Raise Your Spirits and Focused Bliss.  High quality MP3 digital downloads.


Complete library, $77.97


Bonus Titles Include all of these:

freebonusgroupAudio Caffeine:  This 8 minute track includes brainwave entrainment designed to brighten your mental state, waking you up without caffeine.  Try it at any time of the day to feel more alert, refreshed and mentally focused! Best with headphones. Value $11.97 — yours FREE!

Lucid Dreaming:  Have you ever enjoyed one of those dreams where you were aware that you were dreaming?  Maybe you even took control, and consciously directed your dream.  That is Lucid Dreaming.  This 30 minute audio is designed to increase your abilities to have Lucid Dreams.  No headphones required.  Value $17.97 — yours FREE!

Migraine Relief with Ocean Sounds:  This brainwave entrainment protocol was developed to relieve migraine headaches.  It can be used during a headache to lessen its intensity and gain relief, and listened to when you are in a migraine-free state to further reduce the frequency and intensity of migraines.  Best with headphones; 30 minutes.  Value $17.97 — yours FREE!

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