Build Your Own Library

Build Your Own Library

tryittodayPick and choose from any of our titles and build your own library!  Just buy 5 or more of our brainwave entrainment meditation music titles and receive 33% off of the usual $17.97 per title price. 

We’ve created the Modern Meditation Series libraries of meditation music to encompass similar benefits, but you may want something a little different.  Everyone’s unique, and we honor that, so just choose 5 or more of any of our titles and enter the discount code BUILDMYOWN on the checkout page to receive a 33% discount, bringing your per title price to $11.86 each.

Which titles will you choose?

Or, choose the Ultimate Library.  All 12 of our titles plus 3 bonus tracks, over $200 in value, for just $97.97–Just $8.16 per audio!

Ultimate Library; 12 titles plus 3 bonus tracks, $97.97

mentalboostlibrary  modmed_library

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