Brainwave entrainment for stress and anxiety

  1. brainwave entrainment for stress anxietyGetting rid of Stress and Anxiety with Brainwave Entrainment

Brainwave entrainment has gone through vehement scientific investigations and has over the years evolved to be appreciated as one of the easiest, yet scientific ways of treating many disorders. Among them are lifestyle conditions such as anxiety and stress.  The technology uses rhythmic stimuli to change brainwave frequency, thus improving the brain state. Brainwave entrainment effects can be traced from late in the 1800s, when a French psychologist, Pierre Janet discovered some calming effects on his patients. Janet observed substantial calmness on his patients when they got exposed to a rotating strobe wheel under the light of a lantern. Although that was the first time brainwave entrainment was administered clinically, it was only recently that psychologists, neurologists and other medical workers started using it during therapeutic sessions.

Effects of Stress on Health

Stress and anxieties are some of the most common lifestyle symptoms that often give us sleepless nights. Such discomforts make us resort to regular use of pain killers, mostly leaving us frustrated as the pain from such constant fatigue persists. Ideally, such conditions end up causing poor performance, irregular metabolism, low self esteem and hormonal imbalances among other problems.

How Brainwave Entrainment alleviates Anxiety and Stress

The brain communicates using brainwaves, depending on the feelings of the current status. In the presence of anxiety or stress, it emits high frequencies of brainwave patterns. In contrast, during relaxed moods, it emits low frequency brainwaves. Essentially, the brain emits varied patterns of brainwave frequencies in different states. That’s why a therapeutic process such as brainwave entrainment for anxiety and stress comes in handy.

Using a process known as Frequency Following Response (FFR), brainwave entrainment lowers brain patterns from high – beta brainwave range, which is associated with stress and anxiety to an alpha theta frequency. By listening to constant stimulus the brain focuses on a single frequency thus enhancing synchronization. This helps in calming the mind, alleviating stress and anxieties as well as improving the brain focus.

Brainwave Entrainment Music for Alleviating Stress and Anxieties

On listening to consistent stimulus, the brain responds by entraining to the patterns of the external rhythm. The neurons or the brain cells form a coordinated pattern, effectively increasing calmness and brain control. While stress, fatigue and all forms of anxieties are inevitable due to our increasingly sedentary lifestyles, we don’t need much effort on how to shake them off.  As effortless as listening to an mp3 recording, you get to calmness of mind with deep, soothing meditative effects.

Cumulative Bliss Entrainment is such a recording, specially designed to ease or get rid of all symptoms of stress and anxiety. Apart from experiencing calmness of mind, low blood pressure and low negative emotions, Cumulative Bliss also helps in increased creativity as Alpha and Theta brainwaves are linked to higher creative patterns. Why get dependent on pain killers when you can effortlessly get rid of any level of stress or anxiety by regularly listening to a specially designed 30 min recording.

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