Beta Brainwaves

What are Beta Brainwaves?

Beta brainwaves are the brainwaves of logic, reason, and thought.  Beta brainwaves are embedded in many of the entrainment protocols used in the Modern Meditation Series.

Beta brainwaves are in the frequency range of 13-38 Hz.  Beta waves carry with them some very special properties, including:

  • Good decision making abilities
  • Logic
  • Feeling energetic
  • Motivation
  • Increase IQ when stimulated
  • Heightened focus

Enjoy a ten minute beta brainwave entrainment demonstration video here.

Don’t misunderstand– you produce ALL of the brainwaves ALL of the time.  It isn’t really that you’re in one brainwave or the other, as some information can lead you to believe.  Balancing your brainwaves is the goal, so that you have a nice, balanced profile.  If you are sad, depressed or despondent frequently, then you will most likely benefit from training your brain to produce more beta brainwaves through a product like Raise Your Spirits.  When you condition your brain to produce a more balanced brainwave profile, through the use of products like for example, with repetition and reinforcement of that input your brain will produce that balanced profile all day long.  This will give you the benefits of beta brainwaves listed above.

 Modern Meditation Series brainwave entrainment recordings using beta brainwaves include Raise Your Spirits and Audio Caffeine, a free download with every purchase of the Complete Library.
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