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cindylocherHi, I’m Cindy Locher I’m a board certified hypnotherapist (you can visit my hypnosis sites at www.MinnesotaHypnosis.com and www.MidwestHypnotherapyAcademy.com, and of course find more of my guided meditations at www.HypnosisFirst.com) and avid student of the new brain sciences. I’m fascinated by what studies are showing now, that the brain can turn  genes on or off by meditating, how depression and anxiety are helped so dramatically with these simple tools, and I’m excited to be able to help people in ways that have no negative side effects.

I originally created these brainwave entrainment recordings to help myself and my family live better, without prescription medications.  Now I’m sharing these with you, because I’ve seen so many people improve so much through the power of the mind, just by using meditation or self hypnosis, and using brainwave entrainment.

My journey into brainwave entrainment began several years ago when my daughter was in kindergarten, and was diagnosed with ADHD.  The doctors put her on Adderall, which turned her from a sweet but distracted little girl, into a little girl trying to stab people in the eyes with her pencil.  It was a disaster for all of us. I was at my friend Paul Scheele’s house and crying about this, and he directed me to Dr. Michael Joyce, for a non-pharmaceutical answer to my daughter’s issues.  Dr. Joyce was so kind.  He spent hours on the phone with me, helping me to understand how something called brainwave entrainment could help my daughter, without drugs, to naturally bring her brain into the patterns of a calmer, more focused child. We bought a David PAL, which is an AVE device using light pulses to entrain the brain. She didn’t like the goggles (more consultation with Dr. Joyce on how to get her to tolerate them!) but after just a few sessions, we could see the difference. Long story short, we discontinued the drugs and she has made leaps and bounds, drug free.  She’s in sixth grade now, getting A’s and B’s–something I wasn’t sure I would ever see, back in those early days.

That experience led me to wonder what else could be helped with brainwave entrainment, and how the whole family could benefit.  I’m a hypnotherapist, and quickly became excited by the possibilities to further help my clients.  I threw myself into the research, and voila! (well, after a lot of work, voila!) I discovered the effectiveness of auditory entrainment, which is much more easily accessible to most people (the goggles are expensive), and The Modern Meditation Series of brainwave entrainment audios was born!

Modern Meditation Series began in 2007, and it’s grown today to be a resource for hundreds of people daily from all over the world!  Join our customers from France, New Zealand, Brazil, Finland, Russia, Australia, Finland, Germany, Canada and the United States and more, and discover for yourself the natural benefits of brainwave entrainment.  What began as a quest for health for myself and my family has resulted in this high quality line of health improving recordings for you.

Our Brainwave Entrainment Audios are created using state of the art protocols designed by experts in the field of brainwave entrainment and neurology.  Other products created by these same experts are used daily in research labs, therapists offices, and tens of thousands of homes in over 100 countries. The same company that develops our brainwave entrainment protocols has been instrumental in peer-reviewed clinical studies, and they hold a patent on the unique method for embedding brainwave stimulation into audio which is used in all of our titles.

I wish you health and wellness!  The mind naturally seeks health, and my experience and that of so many others shows, that these recordings are a natural way to put your mind on that path to health.

Be Well!

Cindy Locher, BCH

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