A Detailed Guide on Brainwave Entrainment for ADD and ADHD

focused_bliss_discAttention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder commonly abbreviated as ADD, or ADHD is a condition whose symptoms build up early in childhood and can live on through adolescence to adulthood. This neurologically based disorder commonly presents problems with concentration, hyperactivity and impulse control. The good news is that ADD/ ADHD can now be helped with a modern scientific technology referred to as brainwave entrainment.

So what is Brainwave Entrainment and how does it help ADD or ADHD?
Theses are some of the questions many people ask out there when they hear about this technology. So you are not alone and there is nothing to feel sorry about it. The truth about your brain is that it consists of billions of brain cells referred to as neurons. To carry communication signals to each other, they use an electrical operation commonly referred to as brainwave pattern. These brainwave patterns keep changing in different frequencies depending on any individual’s mental state. Brainwave entrainment therefore refers to the technology of persuading or entraining the varying frequencies to be synchronized to specific modulations in sound recordings. Ideally, sound brainwave entrainment means altering the listener’s brainwave frequencies using pulses of sound. As you listen to the subtle sound beats in the recording, you’ll begin to feel some slight vibrations forming in the eardrum as the brain responds towards changing your mental state.

ADD and ADHD Brainwave Patterns
There are different brainwave patterns depending on associated mental states. These include Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. By simply observing your brainwave patterns, one can actually tell a lot about you or your mental activity. For instance if you have ADD or ADHD, it’s likely that you have problem with focusing. People suffering from ADD normally have overabundance of specific brainwave patterns, which cause them to lose concentration. Several studies have also shown that persons suffering from ADD generate excessive brainwave frequencies in their right side of the brain – the busy and emotional hemisphere, causing hyperactivity.

To help reduce the symptoms of ADD or ADHD in one of the most effortless and natural way, I have come up with a soothing, relaxing and a balancing recording in Focused Bliss. Still and comfortable, as my daughter describes how she feels after listening, Focused Bliss is a sound recording meant to expedite Alpha and SMR (Sensorimotor Response) brainwaves in the right, at the same time stimulating Alpha and Beta in the left hemisphere. Apart from correcting your hemispheric imbalance, focusing your brain and managing ADD/ ADHD disorder, Focused Bliss also helps in anxiety performance. To the seniors, there’s no better way to increase mental performance.

Your sessions of listening to these recordings will also work as mental exercises that will help increase activity and blood flow to your brain thus increasing its speed, at the same time helping in the formation of new neural connections. The 30 minutes Focused Bliss recording is all you need for naturally reducing the symptoms of ADD/ ADHD and most of all a fulfilled feeling of stillness and comfort. Since stimulation is different for both the right and left hemispheres, it’s recommended that you use headphones.

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